Thank you and status update

Many new people have started following Tuned In To Cycling over the past few weeks and I’d like to thank all of you plus all of you who have been with me for awhile for your interest.  I very much appreciate it and hope you find useful info here.

I have been very sick for the past six weeks.  It appears I’ve turned the corner and am on the way up rather than the way down but they tell me it will probably be several months until I am fully healed.  I have a lot planned for Tuned In To Cycling and a lot of ideas for new posts but it has all been delayed by this fracking illness.

I hope you will be patient as I fight through this and stick with Tuned In To Cycling.  It will take longer than I wanted but new material is coming.  Whether you decide to stick with it or not, thanks for following thus far.

8 thoughts on “Thank you and status update

  1. Hi. I have just spent nearly an hour reading your site. I am a returning cyclist that has discovered that as a child we did things right without event thinking about it (good old mum). We used to cycle all summer and think nothing of it. Day in day out, fueled by jam sandwiches and orange squash. It is interesting in your site you refer to studies on growth hormones. I think when you are growing you do eat and drink correctly. As adults we get lazy and can become conditioned to a bad way of being. Then in walks the marketers to fix our every ill. I read your site because, it works, you focus on bio-mechanics, on cause and effect. In three weeks I need to cycle round the Isle of Wight (77 miles, with hills). Its been 10 years since I cycled anything like that. I want do this ride in one day and not “bonk” en route! We will tackle the day in three 25 mile stages with meal breaks in between and taking fluids whilst on the bike. Should be fun. We are doing a lot of planning… (just need to lose a couple of stone!). Good luck in getting better.

  2. Thanks so much for your dedication to this site and your fellow cyclist. Your blog is wonderful. You obviously put a lot into it and you’ve helped many folks, I’m sure. I’m one of those folks. Having dealt with a few serious health issues myself, I understand the frustration of not being able to do what you want to do but now and again we have to remind each other of what we already know: patience has it’s own purpose – especially in healing matters. Trust me, patience is not my strong suit! But wiser heads than mine have reminded me – when I’ve needed the reminding – that some things cannot be rushed and we must wait. Not meaning to preach, but encourage and assure you that we’ll be here to read your wonderful blog when your time of healing and gaining your strength back is winding down. Till then, you have my thanks and prayers for a speedy recovery and a surplus of patience! Happy trails……. ahead.

  3. whoops…just noticed the date of your original posting was 2013….well, I hope you are totally better by now…. 😉

    • Thanks very much for the kind words and for your wisdom in counseling patience. Like you, patience has never been my strong suit but I’ve learned that some things just have to waited out. A year ago I came down with herpes zoster, aka shingles, affecting the nerve which supplies the right side of my face from my eye to my upper lip. The shingles was accompanied by a boatload of complications. In the end, patience won the day. The nerve has not fully recovered but it’s now just aggravating rather than debilitating. And so . . . back in the saddle.

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