Thank You and a Request

Thanks very much to all of you who bought a copy of Nutrition for Cyclists on Although it doesn’t look like I’m going to start out as the Stephen King of the exercise and nutrition publishing world, the book is doing well for a writer trying out self-publishing for the first time.  I expect I owe almost all of that success to the readers of this blog because Tuned In To Cycling is the only place the book has been announced. So, thanks again to everyone who has purchased the book.  I sincerely hope you found useful information that has helped with your rides.

Now comes the request. It is very difficult for first-time authors to get noticed among the hundreds of thousands of self-published ebooks on Amazon. One of the most effective ways, maybe the most effective way, to draw readers attention to a book is a set of positive reviews.  If you’re Stephen King, the quality and number of reviews doesn’t matter very much but for an unknown author positive reviews are often the difference between success and sinking without a trace.

As I’m writing this post, Nutrition for Cyclists has only garnered one review and, unfortunately, it appears to have been written by a person who spent very little time with the book and either didn’t read or didn’t understand what they found there. A lot of work went into Nutrition for Cyclists and I’m hoping it doesn’t get lost in the clutter because of a solitary review written by a reader who missed the point.  If you bought Nutrition for Cyclists, and if you found it to be useful and valuable as a resource for making good decisions about what to eat and drink before, during and after a ride, you would be doing me a great favor if you would write a review on Amazon with some info about why you found the book to be worthwhile.  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Thank You and a Request

  1. Hi, Firstly I’m so please that your book is available to buy on and I wish you every success with it. BUT! I’m so jealous of your readers as it’s not available in the U.K. do you know when we’ll be able to purchase it over this side of the pond?

    All the best,

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