Thank You and an Update

First of all, thanks very much to all of you who are following or spending time reading Tuned In To Cycling.  I sincerely hope you are finding useful information here.

The various nutrition posts are by far the most popular posts on Tuned In To Cycling.  With that in mind, I am in the early stages of putting together a book on nutrition for endurance cyclists that will be based on and will expand upon the information that is here.  When the book is ready, I plan to publish it as an e-book through Amazon.

I am absolutely not into a “I have to get paid” model for living your life.  All of the nutrition information that is currently on Tuned In To Cycling and which will end up in the book in one form or another will stay on the blog.  New information developed for the book will eventually find its way onto the blog.  The advantage of the book should be that all of the nutrition information is gathered together in one place that can be easily accessed from any device with a Kindle reading app.  If that would be useful to you or if you would like to contribute to support my efforts to bring helpful information to you, please consider giving the book a try when it appears.

Getting the book together doesn’t mean that all writing for Tuned In To Cycling will stop.  Posts on topics that don’t go into the book will continue to appear here.

Also, an early step in publishing the book is learning about how Amazon’s self-publishing  system works.  I dug into that by publishing a guide on character creation in the recently released massively multiplayer Online game The Elder Scrolls Online.  It’s called Monkey’s Guide to Character Creation in The Elder Scrolls Online, it only costs $0.99, and if you’re interested in games like this or know someone who is, I’d be grateful if you gave it a look.